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The first rule is patience, i.e. not to be too hasty. While online dating sites (sexsearch review) allow you to quickly connect with a wide range of women, that doesn’t mean you need to propose a live date right away. In doing so, in fact, you will appear extremely needy of a woman, which translated means to be desperate. Be patient! Make an effort to talk about as interesting content as possible for at least 3-4 days, and then eventually, you can start talking about how and when to meet. Furthermore, women generally see the rush to fix a meeting immediately as a sign of excessive interest on the part of the man, and this frightens them very much: that is, they are afraid of finding themselves in front of a man already very much in love, and of whom, therefore, it would be difficult. get rid, if it does not live up to expectations, during the live meeting. One more reason to never be rushed!

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